The PennDOT project team has finalized the preliminary planning reports for the improvement of the PA Route 41 intersections at PA Route 926 and PA Route PA 841. Hard copies of the reports are available for viewing at Londonderry Township and London Grove Township.

The final preliminary planning reports were developed based on recent studies conducted at the two intersections, plus public input gained from the project workshops, and from comments received on the draft reports. The reports provide a list of alternatives to be carried forward into detailed studies, during which these alternatives will be fine-tuned to minimize environmental impacts and address public comment. The alternatives PennDOT is recommending for further study include:

PA 926 Intersection

  - Alternative 1

  - Alternative 3

  - Alternative 4

PA 841 Intersection

  - Alternative 5A & 5B

  - Alternative 6

  - Alternative 9

  - Alternative 10

The final preliminary planning reports can be viewed using the links on the right. While these reports are considered final, we invite citizens to comment on them and on the alternatives that are recommended for further study. We will then address these comments as we work through the detailed study phase of the project.

For the PA Route 41/PA Route 926 intersection, the next steps will be to meet with state and federal environmental resource agencies to obtain their input. This meeting will act as a kick-off into the detailed environmental studies phase where the engineering and environment work will be fine-tuned and will lead to a preferred alternative. At key decision points along this process, Londonderry Township and citizens will be consulted to attain their input.

For the PA Route 41/PA Route 841 intersection project, the next step is to scope an immediate improvement project. Due to the complexity of the engineering solutions and environmental features and impacts described in the planning study, it may take several years to determine the preferred alternative for this intersection and gain environmental clearance. Therefore, we are proposing the acceleration of a gateway/street enhancement project to provide relief to some concerns expressed at the public workshops. Since this initial project should have minimal impact on the surrounding area, it can advance quickly through the project development process and move to construction in 2017. As this project develops, we will continue to coordinate with London Grove Township and citizens of the Village of Chatham to keep them informed and to gather additional input.

We are open to public feedback and ideas for improving these two intersections along PA Route 41. Please direct additional comments or questions to Steve Fellin, PennDOT project manager, or Rob Nuss, Erdman Anthony project manager.

Steve Fellin
PennDOT Engineering District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Blvd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Rob Nuss
Erdman Anthony

100 Sterling Parkway, Suite 212
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050